Welcome to International Trading

International Trading merges an accessible client service approach with modern technology to provide clients with the personalized service they deserve and the cutting edge technology required to keep up with today’s rapidly evolving and volatile financial markets. International Trading’s clients include; hedge funds, family offices, broker dealers, venture capital firms, law firms, institutional money management firms, investment banks, and accredited investors.

International Trading employs an investment strategy that is value disciplined with a quantitative and qualitative approach; having a strong bias toward the securities of major domestic companies as well as government and municipal securities. We strongly advocate and seek positive cash-flows for our client’s investment accounts. All of our client portfolios are individually tailored to the clients’ financial objectives, suitability, and time horizons with a singular objective of generating absolute returns while attempting to avoid undue idiosyncratic and systematic risk.

International Trading is a prominent partner for independent financial advisors and their clients. Our non-proprietary product line offers our registered representatives the freedom to develop investment strategies that are best suited for their clients. We are guided by the highest ethical and professional standards to earn and maintain the level of trust and loyalty needed to build long-lasting relationships.