International Trading offers proprietary economic research and a staff of traders and registered representatives that are experienced in both the fixed income and equity markets. International Trading maintains clearing relationships with various international broker/dealers for execution and clearing of all foreign transactions.

International Trading provides execution services for banks, pension funds, and other institutional customers. International Trading’s trading has access to all major counterparties, ensuring the best possible executions in all fixed income products.

Below is a list of our other services:

Retail customers have access to a full array of investment products through our independent advisor program. We grow personal relationships with our advisors, providing a boutique approach to the way we handle retail business. Our independent philosophy allows our advisors to focus on growth, rather than on bureaucracy or pushing product. By allowing our advisors to focus on what matters, their customers, more of their efforts translate to success for their clients.

International Trading has access to over 80 counter-parties dealing in Sovereign, Corporate, Government and other emerging market bonds. This access allows International Trading to provide competitive pricing and a high level of customer of service.

International Trading’s structured product desk has the ability to customize products for high net worth or institutional customers. Structured products are appealing to many high net worth customers as they can be customized according to customer’s investment profile.

International Trading provides a comprehensive suite of Structured Products, helping manage risk, diversify or leverage current investments, manage tax liabilities, or enhance returns. They can be customized to meet a client's specific investment requirements, or offered in more complex packages to the qualified investing public. Structured Products include collateralized products, leveraged knock out notes, basket notes, principal-protected notes, currency-linked notes and options, credit-linked notes, zero-recovery notes, leveraged notes, credit default swaps, and options.

International Trading has agreements with several off shore mutual fund companies to provide non US citizen/ resident customers access to products. Mutual funds provide customers with options for their diversified portfolio asset allocation.

International Trading provides customer with access to ETFs through its online equity platform. ETFs are funds similar to mutual funds, but are traded on stock exchanges. ETFs provide customers with access to the commodities markets, sectors, indices, and other baskets of products through one equity traded instrument.